April ​CIA:​ ​“Caught​ ​in​ ​the​ ​Act”

Our CIA of Going Above and Beyond for April is

Joyce McCord
Assistant Compliance Officer

She was nominated for helping outside of her duties to ensure that customers were responded to promptly and effectively.  She noticed that others needed help and she jumped in without being asked.  Her primary concern was the customer and assisting them promptly and accurately.  Her typical role is outside customer service.  Everyone truly appreciated her assistance and above all the customers were serviced! Another reason she needs to be recognized is all the patience and effort she puts forth in training the new hires each and every time. She sets a good example of the culture at USB. She deserves recognition for all that she does especially on this day.

In the picture is Stacy Powell, Compliance and BSA Officer and Billy Bingham, President & CEO.

United Southern Bank