January ​CIA:​ ​“Caught​ ​in​ ​the​ ​Act”

Our CIA of Going Above and Beyond for January is

Rasha Lynch

Recently promoted to Branch Manager at our Trenton branch.

Her peers nominated Rasha for the CIA Award because she always goes above and beyond to help out any customer. A customer came in with a significant amount of savings bonds and without hesitation Rasha spent almost a whole day cashing them out for the customer. On a separate occasion a customer called with concerns about withdrawals in her account and again without hesitation Rasha stopped what she was doing to tend to the customer’s needs, which consisted of a numerous amount of phone calls back and forth until the customer was satisfied. Rasha is just always willing to help the customers no matter what she has to do to make sure they are taken care of and happy. Customers have a good relationship with Rasha and we think she is just awesome!

In the picture Rasha (rt) is with Christy Stokes, Todd County Market President.

United Southern Bank