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  Covid-19 Updates November 23, 2020 USB is following protocols to ensure everyone’s health and well-being in regards to Covid19. Please follow the guidelines at each branch when you enter…Read More »


Loan Calculators

United Southern Bank offers competitive rates on consumer loans and mortgages. Download a loan application and bring in to any United Southern Bank location.


Calculate monthly auto loan payments based on the total vehicle purchase price or calculate total purchase price based on a desired monthly payment. The Auto Loan Calculator shows how different loan terms or down payments can affect the monthly payment.


Calculate monthly loan payments based on amount borrowed, length of term, and interest rate. Or, calculate the total loan amount based on a desired monthly payment. The Simple Loan Calculator displays results for principal balances by payment, total of all payments made, and total interest paid.


Compare loan amounts and monthly payments for a fixed-term loan or a credit line. The Payment Options Calculator also displays total of all payments made, total interest paid, and a graph of principal balances by payment.

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