Internet Banking FAQ

Q. What is my security code?

A. Your security code is your user id + the last four digits of your social security number. For example if your user id is jdoe and your social is 123-45-6789, then your security code is jdoe6789.

Q. I have a business account what should I use for the last 4 digits of my social.

A. This depends on what you entered when you enrolled your account. Try the last 4 digits of your social. If that doesn’t work try the last 4 digits of your business’s Tax ID number.

Q. What new services are available with new internet banking?

A. External transfers – Transfer funds to and from your account at another bank

Money management – Combine all your accounts at multiple banks on one easy to read dashboard

Automatic updates to your account list.

Q. What new security enhancements are included with the new internet banking service?

A. You will have a security image and a phrase that you select during the enrollment update that you will see each time you sign in to internet banking. This new feature will help you know you are at the correct page to enter your password.

Every time you log in from a new computer location, you will be asked a security question to help make sure someone else is not attempting to access your accounts.

Q. There are accounts missing that used to be on my internet banking. What should I do?

A. You can call 1-888-872-0015 and ask for Internet Banking services and we can add it for you or you can go click on the Support tab and send us a secure message including the account numbers you need added.

Q. What happened to my recurring transfers?

A. Recurring transfers will need to be re-established in the new system.

Q . Can I pay a bill pay and have it delivered today?

A. We now have the capability of sending some payments on the same date you enter them, there is a fee for this express service, but bill pays scheduled at least 3 days in advance will still be delivered free of charge.

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