Meet Max!

max-mccuiston-headshotMax McCuiston has been with United Southern Bank for 48 years! He first began his career with First City Bank & Trust in Hopkinsville before moving to Planters Bank of Trenton in 1966. Planters Bank of Trenton was renamed Planters Bank of Todd County all before later becoming what we now know as the Trenton branch of United Southern Bank. Not only has Max seen USB grow over the years, but he has also experienced first hand the banking industry change from hand written ledgers to the present day dependency of the computer technology used in the banking industry.

Max may have began his journey in banking 48 years ago, but his giving character is what made him stick with it all this time. He loves working with people, being able to provide banking services to them, and he enjoys being a part of the banking industry and all the continued growth it has offered. During his time at USB, Max was elected Vice President of the Board of Directors in 1971 and in 1984 was elected Vice President of United Southern Bank.

We, at United Southern Bank, appreciate Max’s many years of service and the many contributions he has made. We have been honored to have him at part of USB for the last 48 years and look forward to many more to come!

United Southern Bank