The benefits of mobile banking

Smartphones and mobile devices have become essential to everyday life, and we are pleased to offer a convenient tool to help simplify your banking needs. We considered all of the services that our customers need and integrated them into an easy-to-use app designed to optimize a smartphone’s capabilities for banking.

Our Snap!App Mobile App allows you to bank anywhere at any time directly from your smartphone with features including –

Mobile Card Deactivation: If you lose or misplace your United Southern Bank debit card, you can deactivate your card directly from your mobile device. No need to call USB, you will have the power to deactivate it immediately. If you find your lost card, reactivating your debit card is as simple as pressing a button. Just select “Menu” on the mobile app – “Manage Cards” – then deactivate the card that has been lost.

Remote Check Deposits: Deposit checks into your account directly from your phone simply by selecting “Menu” on the mobile app – “Deposit Checks” and then select the account you want to deposit the check into. Snap a photo of the front and the back of the check being deposited using the built-in photo feature, confirm the amount and submit. Please note that all checks must be endorsed “For mobile deposit only at USB” and include your signature and account number on the back of the check. *Deposits are subject to review and may not be immediately available.

Temporarily Raise Your Debit Card Spending Limit: By selecting the “Manage Cards” option you can click on the card image and then temporarily raise your spending limit to the lesser of $2,500 or your current available balance for a 30-minute limit. After this time expires, the card will return to your normal spending limit.

Enable Travel Notifications: Traveling soon? Enable travel notifications using the “Manage Cards” option. This will allow us to make better decisions while protecting your card. Otherwise, we might deny purchases you make as abnormal activity.

Set Up Text Alerts for Card Usage: We now offer a feature that allows customers to set up text alerts that will send you a text message each time your card is used. This feature will inform you where your card was used, the amount it was used for, and whether the purchase was approved or denied. Simply open the Snap!App Mobile App, select “Menu”, select “Manage Cards”, select the card you would like to set up alerts for, select “Manage Alerts”, select “Enable alerts for this card”, select the alert type you would like to see, enter your email address and/or phone number and select “save.”

View End-of-Year Tax Documents & Other Official Statements: By selecting “Documents” you may view account statements and end-of-year tax documents directly from your phone.

Other Features Include:

  • Checking account balances
  • Viewing account deposits and withdrawals including photos of checks
  • Moving money between accounts
  • Locating the nearest branch
  • Tracking spending – capture pictures of receipts & attach to debit charges
  • Utilizing our quick pay-to-exterior accounts
  • Bill Pay
  • Person to Person Payments (P2P)

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