At USB, the security of your account is very important to us and we want to help you keep it protected. We have seen an increasing number of customers falling victim to scams and want to make sure you’re armed with the information you need to protect yourself.

Be Aware of Current Scams

  • Scammers are creating fake sites that look like legitimate company websites. When you search the internet for a company’s information, these fake sites could lure you to call what appears to be a legitimate number for the company searched, and then attempt to obtain your account information.
  • Fraudsters are requesting that customers download apps to their devices to “fix” issues. These apps allow remote access to your device, which exposes all of your account information to the fraudster.
  • Scammers pretend to be someone they’re not, to convince you to pay with gift cards. Legitimate companies or government agencies would not make this request. Be very careful when signing up for trial periods for a product and then charges start afterward.
  • Some common examples of text scams are:
    • “Refund on your AT&T bill”
    • “Click here”
    • “DMV sending over payment”
    • “USPS Lottery winner”
    • “Delivery update “
  • Any of these texts could be scams. Don’t click on any links or return calls to unknown companies or notifications that are not expected.


  • Be aware of receiving checks via mail, especially if not expected as they may be fraudulent. You may want to verify it prior to depositing or cashing.
  • Please be very careful of skimmers when paying at the gas pump. Skimmers are devices attached to card terminals that criminals use to capture your card information.
  • Try using our P2P payment that is more secure than CashApp or Venmo. Be watchful with Apple, Google, and DoorDash charges that were not authorized.

Use caution before accessing links found online or before providing information.

  • Use known links to access businesses online.
  • Beware of requests to download apps to fix issues on websites.
  • Verify any phone, text, or email contacts are legitimate before sharing personal information such as
    • One-time passcode
      • If you receive a one-time passcode you did not initiate, please do not provide the code to anyone who contacts you requesting it.
    • Existing security word (i.e. mother’s maiden name, pet’s name, etc.)
    • PIN number
    • Online User ID or password
    • Your account number

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United Southern Bank is here to protect you and your finances. Contact us today if you have any questions or concerns about scams.


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For more information about FDIC Insurance, go to or call toll-free 1-877-ASK-FDIC (1-877-275-3342). For the hearing-impaired, the number is 1-800-925-4618.


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